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NGU Digital Media is your one-stop solution for adding creative essence to your website and social media channels. We specialize in designing captivating logos, and eye-catching graphics, and building quality backlinks. Our comprehensive services also include providing software solutions tailored to boost your business campaign. With Minnionstech, you can elevate your online presence and effectively engage your target audience with compelling content that sets you apart from the competition.

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About us

NGU Digital Media is a leading social media marketing company specializing in digital media solutions. They help businesses leverage the power of social platforms to reach their target audience, drive engagement, and achieve marketing goals. With a client-centric approach and expertise in digital marketing, NGU Digital Media delivers exceptional results for businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence and drive growth.

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What we do

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging the power of popular platforms to maximize online visibility, engage audiences, and drive conversions for businesses and artists.

Website Design

We craft captivating websites that communicate brand messaging, engage audiences, and drive conversions, delivering a powerful online presence for businesses. 

Video Editing

We master the art of video editing, creating captivating and professional videos that leave a lasting impact on audiences.

Digital Marketing

We drive business growth and success by connecting businesses with their target audience, increasing brand awareness, and delivering measurable results online.

Graphics Design

We create visually striking designs that elevate brand identity and leave a lasting impression on audiences.

AdSense Service

We offer Google AdSense approval service, guiding businesses to meet requirements and unlock revenue potential through online advertising.

Affordable Services

We are committed to providing affordable services without compromising on quality. Our goal is to offer cost-effective solutions that meet the unique needs and budgets of our clients, ensuring that they can achieve their digital marketing and creative goals without breaking the bank

Facebook Monetization

NGU helps businesses monetize their Facebook pages, leveraging strategies and insights to maximize revenue generation through ad placements, sponsored content, and other monetization methods. We guide clients through the process, optimizing their Facebook presence for successful monetization and sustainable growth.

₹ 25000.00

Per Page


NGU assists content creators in monetizing their YouTube channels, providing guidance on meeting eligibility criteria, optimizing videos for ad placements, and implementing effective monetization strategies. We help creators unlock the revenue potential of their YouTube content and achieve sustainable growth in their online ventures.

₹ 7000.00

Per Channel


NGU offers AdSense approval services, guiding clients through the process of getting their websites approved for Google AdSense. Our expertise and knowledge in AdSense policies and requirements ensure a smooth and successful approval process, enabling businesses to monetize their websites and generate additional revenue.

₹ 20000.00

Per Site

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